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This website hosts "The Finch Files:  Stories from San Francisco and Beyond."  It's a podcast produced and hosted by veteran radio reporter/storyteller Peter Finch.

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To Infinity And Beyond

Back on New Years Eve, NASA's New Horizons spacecraft passed Ultima Thule beyond Pluto. It the most distant world to every experience a fly by. It was a bonus for New Horizons which had already accomplished its main mission, which was to visit Pluto. Quite an accomplishment for a mission that appeared dead in the water several times. Here we revisit a piece we did with the authors of a book on New Horizons.

SHEBUILDS (Episode 113)

Three things you'll learn from this episode:

1.  Once a year, a team of all-female volunteers fix up a home, shelter, or schools in one of San Francisco's low-income neighborhoods.

2.  There are lots of opportunities these days for women who'd like to work in construction.

3.  Construction dudes are cool with working with women (even if they're agnostic vegans).