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This website hosts "The Finch Files:  Stories from San Francisco and Beyond."  It's a podcast produced and hosted by veteran radio reporter/storyteller Peter Finch.

Links and Show Notes from "Comedy Day '18" (Episode 115)

To donate to the GoFundMe campaign for Comedy Day in Golden Gate Park, go to this link:

Links and Show Notes from "PianoFight!" (Episode 112)

Here's a link for the website for the indy arts venue:  To support it on Patreon, go to:


Links and Show Notes from "Essence & Bernie" (Episode 107)

Here's a link to the Go Fund Me page trying to send Bernie Dalton home for the time he has left in his battle with ALS:


Links and Show Notes from "Willy Vlautin" (Episode 104)

Anything you want to learn about Willy Vlautin you can find at  If you want to see a photo of him performing at Green Apple Books, click on "photos" to the left.


Links and Show Notes from "Clever Mother Writers" (Episode 103)

Samantha Schoech can be found at  For more on her upcoming adventure in Dayton, Ohio, go to

Raquel D'Apice is at

Kelly Corrigan's website is  She'll be reading from her new book, "Tell Me More," Friday, March 23rd, 9-10:30am at the Lafayette public library.


Links and Show Notes from "Dilly Dilly Indeed" (Episode 102)

The ale the OG brewers came up with will be available for consumption at 21st  Amendment on the final day of SF Beer Week, Sunday, February 18th: and Show Notes from "100th Episode."


Megan Slankard will be appearing with her full band at San Francisco's Great American Music Hall on Friday March 9th. (

John Elliott is out with a new album (

Corey Rosen hosts "The Moth" when that storytelling series comes to San Francisco.

You can check out Scott Kravitz' stories and animation at


Links and Show Notes from "California Cannabis Culture" (Episode 99)

The "Marijuana Mountains" episode that NatGeo ran can be viewed here:

Oaksterdam University's website:

Cannabis Film Festval website:


Links and Show Notes from "Scary Stories" (Episode 96)

Meg Elison is the author of "The Book of the Unnamed Midwife."  It won the Philip K. Dick award and took some other cool honors.  You can find Meg at

Playwright/Director Claire Rice can be found at


Links and Show Notes from "For Goodness Sake" (Episode 95)

You can find out more about Miracle Messages, while allows the homeless to record a video message to friends or family at

To learn more about Irish Greg McQuaid's 52 marathons in 52 weeks log on to

Tattoo Tina's Oregon-based business is at

For more on Rebuilding Together SF, go to


Links and Show Notes from "Halloween '17" (Episode 94)

For more on the monthly Shipwreck evening of erotic fan fiction, go to  You can check out Shipwreck's podcast at

To see a video of Cindy Tobeck and her award winning giant pumpkin, log on to:

For information to the Halloween event for kids at the Elks Lodge in San Francisco on Sunday 10/29, check out

Author Loren Rhodes can be found at

The website for the the Haunted House of Moss Beach makes sense:

To find out when Sam's Castle in Pacifica will next be open to the public, go to


Links and Show Notes from "Sleight of Hand." (Episode 93)

To read Stacy Malia's blogs, including the one about her time spent as Hugh Hefner's nanny, go to

Go to your app store to find Dan Kurtz' faux social media site "Binky."

Pete Crooks' book about "dirty" private detective Chris Butler, and his "P-I Moms," is called "The Setup."

For more on the vintage radio hijinks of Jim Coyle and Mal Sharpe, go to


Links and Show Notes from "Survivors" (Episode 92)

For more on Chuck Prophet (he of the lost and found guitar), go to

The Second Chance Project, started by the folks at Dave's Killer Bread can be found at  For more on the computer coding being done by inmates at San Quentin, go to

To learn more about Travis McElroy and his #iamholdingyourhand campaign, google "travis mcelroy i am holding your hand."

Cat rescuer/animator/storyteller Scott Kravitz can be found at


Links and Show Notes from "Patreon Picks" (Episode 91)

Here are the Patreon links for the creators who appeared in this episode:

Lewis Nowosad:

My Terrible Friend:  the band recently discontinued its Patreon page, but Nataly and Lauren can be supported through their,

Renee & Irish Greg's Pop UP!:

M. the Heir Apparent:

Megan Slankard:

John Elliott:

Lia Rose:


Links and Show Notes from "Rare Occurrences" (Episode 90)

You can check out Michael Aisner's obsession with solar eclipses at


Links and Show Notes from "The Fisher King Project" (Episode 89).

The Fisher King Project runs September 7th-10th at the Magic Theatre, Fort Mason in San Francisco.   There'll be three evening performances and two matinees.  For more information, or to buy tickets or a raffle ticket, go to:

All proceeds from the Fisher King Project go the the following charitable organizations:

Muttville Senior Dog Rescue (

Spare-a-Coin To Save Children (

Miracle Messages (

Brady Therapeutic Riding Program (

Each One, Reach One (


Links and Show Notes from "Produce It and They Will Comes" (Episode 88).

You can find the McElroy Brothers and their wonderful show "My Brother, My Brother, and Me," here:

There are fewer Porchlight shows these days because Beth now lives in Brooklyn, but you can check out the storytelling series at this website:

The Desi Comedy Fest runs August 10th-20th at venues throughout the Bay Area.  Details at

For more on the California Historical Radio Society, and the 2017 Radio Day by the Bay, that included the live radio recreation performance go to:


Links and Show Notes from "Free Time" (Episode 86).

You can find Rebuilding Together SF at

For more on the upcoming solar eclipse, go to Michael Aisner's website:

Here is a link to the books Green Apple's Kevin Hunsanger recommended (by title and author's last name):

atwood - heart goes last

hawley - before the fall

demille - the cuban affair (9/19/17 release)

bloom - black against empire

winslow - the force

el akkad - american war

Links and Show Notes from "Much Ado About Shakespeare" (Episode 85)

The College of Adaptive Arts in San Jose is doing fine work with college students with special needs.  You'll find it online here:

The Reduced Shakespeare Company will be playing the Mondavi Center at UC Davis on November 1st.  For more on RSC go to

The Half Moon Bay Shakespeare production of "Romeo Y Julieta," opens August 18th.  Details at


Show Notes from our show called "Science,  It's a Thing" (Episode 84).

We had a lot of fun putting this show together.  

Lenny Mendonca, founder of the Half Moon Bay Brewing Company talked about their "Brews and View" speaker series.

We enjoyed our time with Dr. Sydnee McElroy, co-host of the Sawbones podcast.

We always like talking to Mary Roach.  Her latest book, "Grunt:  The Curious Science of Humans at War," is now out in paperback.

for  more on science comedian Brian Malow, go to


Oh man, we have a lot of links & stuff to share from our show on Aging Out (Episode 83).  Here goes:

Steve Silberman's book is called "NeuroTribes:  The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity."  Kamran Nazeer's books is, "Send in the Idiots."

The Bricks And Minifigs store that Bob and Patty Flynn opened to provide employment for their son Scott can be found online at:

Here's a link to The Wayfaring Band:

Aspergers Experts can be found at:

No wonder Michael Bernick struggled to remember the acronym for the group he is involved with.  It's the Autism Aspergers Spectrum Coalition for Education Networking and Development.  Here's a link:

The Autism Society San Francisco Bay Area is at:


A link from our show on Altamonte (Episode 82).

If you'd like to hear more of KSAN radio's broadcast the day after the trouble occurred at the Altamont music festival,  go to this link:


Here are links and other stuff associated with our "Ocean Love" episode (Episode 76):

International Ocean Film Festival:  FYI, the films and directors who were heard in this episode include:

     Oceanic Connection-Haydn Fischer

     The Snail-Smashing, Fish-Spearing, Eye-Popping Mantis Shrimp-Elliott Kennerson

     @415Plumber: #OB_Plastic Obsession-Jeff den Broeder

     It Ain't Pretty:  Dayla Soul

The Bay Area Association of Disabled Sailors:

Square Peg Foundation (the horse rescue/adaptive riding center that also hosts surf camps for kids on the Autism Spectrum:

The Marine Mammal Center:

The Greater Farallones Marine Sanctuary:

You can follow world class waterman and big wave surfer Kealii Mamala on instagram:  @kealiihawaii


This a list of the performers (in order of performance) from our "Trumpauguration" episode (Episode 75) along with links to their websites:

Alex Stanley (musician):

Sarah Ladino Manyiko (writer/poet):

John Lester (musician):

Chris Chandler (spoken word):

Theresa Cossman (friend)

Anna Vogelzang (musician):

Travis McElroy (podcaster):  Also:

Devorah Major (writer/poet):

Megan Keely (musician):

Les Wisner  (cafe proprietor):

John Elliott (musician):

Brittany Perham (writer/poet):

Dave Eggers (author/publisher):

REM (band)

Alejandro Murguia (writer/poet):

Avi Vinocur (musician):


Here are links from our "Grassroots" episode (Episode 74)


For more on on the Silicon Valley-based non profit Connect Safely, go to

To link to the page to help Zewudie Alamerewu attend college in the U.S., check out this link:

For more on My Brother, My Brother, and Me and all the other podcasts Travis McElroy can be heard on, go to

Finally, to see "Mohawk Guy" play drums with the Foo Fighters, go here:



Here are all the links related to our episode entitled "Here, Let Me Help."  (Episode 73):  


For more on the Clear Pop sucker that relieves earache pain in children, go to

Tina Bryson, who offers from areola tattoos to women recovering from breast cancer, can be found at

Richard Moran is the author of "The Thing About Work:  Showing Up and Other Important Matters."  His website is

Barbara Rose Brooker organizes the "Age March," to combat age discrimination.  For more on her, go to

To find out more about the fine work being done by Dave's Killer Bread to employ those who have served time in prison, check out

To get the low down on those "criminally delicious" Prison Bars, log on to